Amanda Escort

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This girl Amanda is a super Amsterdam escort. Amanda is a Russian lady with lovely aspects. She is wonderful in each possible sense! She has a delightful form and to body of a goddess with some amazing curves. She wants to meet a man that can show her a good time and she can certainly show him a good time as well by revealing her hot features and outstanding moves.

You will adore her, and each second you go through with her will feel like an hour, you should definitely want to spend the night with this charming young lady. Amanda totally cherishes to travel, and if you take her on a trip for a couple of days you will thank the gods that you did, cause she can definitely repay you for what you have shown her. To meet a legitimately extraordinary, top escort Amsterdam call our director and get some information about our Amanda.

Amanda's Features

  • Name: Amanda
  • Age: 26
  • Hair color: brunette
  • Eye color: blue
  • Height: 167
  • Cup size: 75D
  • Striptease: yes
  • Escort: yes

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